RIP Internet Explorer: Microsoft says goodbye to IE and welcome their new premier browser

Are you still using Internet Explorer (IE) on your computer? Then this is the time to move away. Say goodbye to the old man and say welcome to Microsoft’s new premier browser. Microsoft has announced that the Internet Explorer browser will not support the various Microsoft apps and services like Office 365 and Outlook after August 17, 2021. Also, Legacy Edge(Legacy version of Edge browser) will end of support on March 9, 2021.

The apps and services that will no longer work with IE as follows,

  1. Microsoft Teams web app will no longer support IE 11 since November 30, 2020.
  2. Microsoft 365 suit, online versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and the online versions of other apps the of the Office package, will no longer open with IE 11 since August 17, 2021.

New features of the apps will not appear in the browser and some features might not work properly. Microsoft says that Internet Explorer 11 won’t be killed. It’ll still exist and work. But it’ll stop getting updates. Also, they announced that the Microsoft Edge Legacy browser will not get security updates after March 9, 2021.

The main purpose of this big plan is to encourage IE users to move their latest Chromium-based Edge browser (Edge Chromium).It is based on Google’s Chromium open-source engine with the latest Microsoft enterprise capabilities. The new browser will be compatible with all supported versions and getting updates regularly.

Here you will find the full announcement by Microsoft.

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