How To Obtain Unique Instagram Username You Want

If you have a little bit of creativity in your mind then Instagram Marketing will be a fun and enjoyable place you can shine.
So, do you want to know how you can start this journey?
Everyone has one burning problem when they want to step into Instagram space.
How can I Obtain a Unique Instagram Username for my business?

I believe you are having the same problem and that why you are here, But don’t worry I had the same problem and after doing some research and heavy internet surfing found this method that solved my problem.

You will get to know few things after reading this whole article.

  • How to search online and find available Instagram name?
  • Is there any way I can get access to the Inactive name?
  • What are the alternatives if my preferred Instagram user name is not available?

How to search online and find available Instagram name?

This will help someone who are willing to start their business, blog or website from scratch.

Its always better if you can check the name you are willing to have from below websites.

Namecheckr and Namechk

Simply these websites will tell you on which platforms your business name is still available, you just need to put your preferred name on their search. That’s it.


Just in case your username is not available in your preferred social media or any other platform you can rethink a name and start the business name research again until you find a unique name which most suitable for your business and available on platforms you need.

But, If you really want that user name and it is not available for you, What should we do now? 😔

You don’t need to lose the hope, Just keep reading and there is something we can do about it.

Is there any way I can get access to (In)active name?

Someone says getting access to an (In)active Instagram account is impossible, but it is partially true we can try to get an (In)active Instagram account, but we cannot guarantee the attempt will always be a success.

Below are the few steps you can try out when your preferred Instagram account is someone already taken, but they are not using it actively. Sometimes these methods will perfectly but sometimes it will not. But it is worth to try.

You can DM the (In)active user account directly

This will be your first step to get your loving Instagram name, If the user is not active on Instagram but they might receive the email notification when you send the message to their account. So, take your chance and shoot a message then wait for some time until they get back to you.

When they reply you can talk with them and convince them to give you the account and you can offer something in return when they give you the account.

You can Appeal to Instagram for Access

There is a slight chance to succeed in this method, it might not work all the time, but if you are not ready to give up on Obtain Unique Instagram Username if yours, You can try this.

You can show proof of Trademark

If your business has a registered Trade Mark and someone else is using it currently, you can send a cease and desist. a letter points out the trademark infringement and asks them to hand over the account to you. It is better if you can contact Instagram after with proof of trademark ownership as well.

NOTE: You might need the consultation of an attorney in this matter.

What are the alternatives if my preferred Instagram user name is not available?

So let’s see if any of the above methods were not worked and you couldn’t the name you want, then you have to find an alternative option.

Below ideas that might help to find your alternative name if you are stuck. You will get to know a few things after reading this whole article.

We will take FitnessBoys as an example business name.

  • Add an underscore in the name, If you can split the words of the name like Fitness_Boys that will be a nice name.
  • Add the location to your name like FitnessBoysUK
  • Use some abbreviations like FitnessBoyz, FitBoys, FitnssBoys
  • Add an adverb like TheFitnessBoys, The_FitnessBoys

or, You can play a bit with different names and find creative ideas to change your name, then finally you will find that beautiful name you ever wanted.

If you were able to find you a great name, Please comment it down below.

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